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Marine Promos

Boating is a popular recreational activity among visitors to and residents of coastal and riverside towns. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, there are nearly 12 million registered recreational vessels in the country.

Boating can be costly, as it requires the constant purchase of new parts, supplies, and routine maintenance. Business owners who cater to boaters have two goals: to find new customers and to keep existing buyers coming back. For those running marinas or planning boat shows, this list of the top boating-related promotional products can serve as inspiration.

Why Should Marina Owners and Boat Show Planners Offer Promo Items?

To turn one-time buyers into loyal customers, relationship building is essential. In recreational boating, there are numerous companies competing for customers’ attention. By offering promotional items with logo that customers can use while they’re on the water, business owners can keep their companies fresh in users’ minds. Read on to learn about the top marine promo products.

Waterproof Bags

While most boaters take steps to prevent it, it’s inevitable that things will get wet during an outing. Waterproof bags, however, will protect items that must stay dry. Available in a range of sizes, these waterproof bags can hold all a customer’s non-waterproof belongings. Add a company logo on the front to remind customers who are protecting their belongings, and these bags will quickly become one of a boater’s most-used items.


With various brands offering coolers that keep ice for four days or longer, coolers are a common sight on recreational vessels. When marina owners and boat show promoters gift high-quality coolers to potential customers, the value of the gift is readily apparent, and those boaters will think of the company every time they enjoy a cold drink while on the water.

Waterproof Speakers

One of the best things about boating is visiting with family and friends without distractions. Simply get out on the water, find a spot to drop anchor, and let the fun start! A high-quality waterproof speaker with Bluetooth connectivity will help boaters enjoy their favorite tunes while keeping the company top-of-mind.

Imprinted Beach Towels

Another great aspect of recreational boating is the ability to jump into the water and cool off anytime the mood strikes. When they’re planning a day on the water, customers always pack plenty of towels—and promoters can capitalize on that by offering custom-printed beach towels as boating giveaways. The large printed area makes a company’s logo tough to miss, and it provides marketing exposure for years to come.

Promotional Sunscreen Bottles

Soaking up the sun is a vital part of the recreational boating experience, but it can cause pain and discomfort when boaters aren’t careful. Sunscreen is a crucial part of the boater’s on-the-water kit, as it helps to minimize the risks of sun exposure.

Custom-printed sunscreen bottles are a low-cost way for companies to get their names in front of potential customers at marinas and boat shows. Sunscreen isn’t cheap, especially if it’s frequently used, so customers are sure to appreciate the value of such a gift.

Promo Sunglasses With Logo

Like sunscreen, sunglasses are an indispensable part of a great day on the water. They don’t just keep wearers more comfortable while in the sun, they work to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses make great marina merch because they make the boating experience more pleasurable while helping wearers preserve their eye health.

Embroidered Caps

Along with sunscreen and sunglasses, wearing a cap is an easy way for a boater to protect their face from the sun’s rays. Trendy styles decorated with company logos make great gifts that customers will use every time they go out on the boat. When customers wear custom printed hats, the marina or boat show’s name is the first thing others will see!

Phone Pouches

Boating is a good way to get away from ringing phones and work emails, but a working phone is a good thing to have on the water. Not only do phones keep the lines of communication open, but they also allow users to capture memories of their excursions. Phones and water don’t mix, though, so a waterproof pouch imprinted with the company’s logo will quickly become a popular promotional item.

Floating Keychains

Most people drop their car keys often. While it’s usually not a big deal, dropped keys can quickly turn into a disaster if it happens on the water. Floating keychains reduce the risk of losing one’s keys, and these effective, yet simple items make great giveaways. These low-cost promo items are great for marinas and boat show booths alike.

First Aid Kits

Boating is a relaxing activity, but it’s not always fun and games. Accidents often happen, as someone may step on broken glass or get caught by a fishhook. For minor scrapes and cuts, it’s best to keep a first aid kit on board. Basic items like antiseptic wipes and bandages will prevent minor wounds from becoming infected. While the goal is to never need a first aid kit, it’s a good thing to have on hand.

The Right Promo Items Make Marina and Boat Show Marketing Efforts Better

When boat show promoters and marina owners want to keep their names on customers’ minds, giveaway items are a great way to do it. By putting useful, customized marina merch in boaters’ hands, sellers will frequently remind customers of their companies while creating feelings of goodwill and gaining an edge over the competition.

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