Aqua-Stairs 6 Step Angled Dock Ladders
Aqua-Stairs 6 Step Angled Dock Ladders

Aqua-Stairs 6 Step Angled Dock Ladders


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Weight: 45 lbs
Aqua-Stairs 6 Step Angled Dock Ladders.

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  • Aqua-Stairs 6 Step Angled Dock Ladders
  • High-quality marine dock ladder constructed from marine grade aluminum
  • Heavy-duty 500 lb. weight capacity
  • Climb Angle is 58 degrees (measured from a 90 degree vertical drop)
  • Offers staircase design with angled steps making climbing in and out of the water easier
  • Built with comfortable 8" wide steps; makes footing more comfortable than your typical 2" rung
  • Steps are made of textured plate aluminum to prevent slipping and are rolled at the front providing a smooth edge to prevent cuts.
  • The ladder is also hinged at the mounting brackets to allow the Aqua-Stairs boat dock ladder to swing or flip out of the water for easy storage.
  • Only 4 bolts are required to attach it to a fixed dock, floating dock, swim platform, seawall, bulkhead, or pier.
  • The Aqua-Stairs ladder can be solid mounted by bolting the upper plate directly to the mounting surface or it can be attached via the included swing hinges, allowing it to flip-up and out of the water to prevent buildup of algae, etc. while not in use.

SKU # of Rungs Weight Capacity Vertical Drop (in.) Distance Between Steps (in.) Step Depth (in.) Step Width (in.) Outside Ladder Width (in.) Outside Ladder Width with Brackets (in.) Handle Height (in.) Handle Depth (in.) Total Length or Inverted Height (in.) Net Wt. (lbs.)
AQUASTR-3 3 500 lbs 38" 12"


16" 20-1/2" 22-1/2" 16" 18" 66" 31
AQUASTR-4 4 500 lbs 50" 12" 8" 16" 20-1/2" 22-1/2" 16" 18" 80" 36
AQUASTR-5 5 500 lbs 62" 12" 8" 16" 20-1/2" 22-1/2" 16" 18" 94" 41
AQUASTR-6 6 500 lbs 74" 12" 8" 16" 20-1/2" 22-1/2" 16" 18" 108" 45
AQUASTR-7 7 500 lbs 62" 8-1/2" 8" 16" 20-1/2" 22-1/2" 24" 18" 94" 41

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"Well built but mounting brackets could be beter"

Al Reida on 3/14/2018 10:30:02 PM

Review Comments: We received great service from DockGear and received our stares within a few days. Stares were easy to install and are very well built but for some reason the mounting brackets for hinged installation are cheapish and don't really seem to go with the high quality of the stares. I am going to have some heaver brackets made. Other than that, I would recommend this product.

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