5 Step Wet Steps Dock Ladders
5 Step Wet Steps Dock Ladders
5 Step Wet Steps Dock Ladders
5 Step Wet Steps Dock Ladders
5 Step Wet Steps Dock Ladders
5 Step Wet Steps Dock Ladders

5 Step Wet Steps Dock Ladders


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Weight: 34 lbs
5 Step Wet Steps Dock Ladders.
  • Wet Steps Powder Coat Color Option

  • (picture shown is 6 step model)
  • 5 Step Wet Steps Dock Ladders are constructed from heavy-duty marine grade aluminum.
  • With a 55 degree climb angle it's just like climbing stairs plus each side has safety handrails for extra stability when climbing in or out.
  • Constructed using high-quality marine grade aluminum with a u-channel frame.
  • All welded construction with BOLT-ON steps.
  • Built solid with a 500 lb. weight capacity.
  • Wet Steps can rotate 180 degrees out of the water in a swing or flip up manner.
  • Safety pin keeps ladder stowed in upright position when not in use.
  • Steps are custom extruded and grooved for extra strength and grip.
  • Mounts to dock using 8 - 3/8" diameter bolts (4 on each side)
  • Also available with Powder Coat Option for additional $235 fee (Currently 3-4 week lead time for powder coat option). Choose from CLEAR COAT, RED, WHITE, BLUE, HAMMERED COPPER VEIN, HAMMERED SILVER VEIN, HAMMERED BLACK.
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Step Width: 20"
  • Overall Width: 23"
  • Step Depth: 6"
  • Distance Between Steps: 11"
  • Handle Length: 5'
  • Overall Ladder Length (vertical drop): 52"
  • Overall Ladder Height (upright on top of dock ): 71"
  • ** 3 Year Structural Mfg. Warranty
  • DISCLAIMER - There is no warranty on Powder Coat ladders (the powder coat itself).  For salt water environments, ultimately we can't control the salinity levels or chemical make-up of the water which can sometimes have an effect on the powder coat paint.  If you leave the ladder in the water for extended periods of time and allow marine growth (barnacles, calcification etc) to build up (which can happen quickly) there's nothing we can do.  YOU must maintain the ladder and swing it out of the water when not in use.  We can't control how the ladder is used (or abused) and we can't control environmental factors.  If you are in a salt water environment please be proactive and maintain your ladder after use (rotate ladder out of water, wash off with fresh water, wax it 2x per year etc.).  Over time the powder coat finish will fade, chip and be subject to environmental factors beyond our control.


Wet Steps Aluminum Dock Ladders are ideal for:

Adults and Teenagers - these ladders are not only easy to climb and safe, but they look cool too. Check out the flashy powder coat color options available for an extra fee.

Elderly and Children - with the easy 55 degree climb angle and safety handrails this ladder is ideal for elderly folks and children who need and want a safer ladder design. This ladder is truly like climbing a set of stairs with handrails.

Pets - Wet Steps are built to a relaxed angle that makes climbing in and out extremely easy. You don't have to assist your pets up and down the ladder.

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"Love it"

Ryan Casey on 6/28/2021 10:49:19 AM

Review Comments: Amazong ladder. Way better than our last and makes it so much easier to get in & out of the lake. Storing is easy and the added lock pin is a nice feature.

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"expensive but a game changer"

Donna Brooks on 7/7/2020 1:04:50 PM

Review Comments: The ladder was not cheap but it changed EVERYTHING for older folks, kids and non-swimmwers. Now these folks can easily enter and get out of the water. Before with the straight up and down ladder and narrow steps it was very difficult for them. And for any one with shoulder or knee issues it was impossible. Now it is NO PROBLEM.

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"Dock Steps used for Pool Steps"

Tony McCrackin on 6/14/2017 12:19:02 PM

Review Comments: I have an above ground pool with a deck built slightly higher than the resin top. I wanted a pool ladder that did not rest on the vinyl liner side or bottom. This dock ladder worked perfect!! Flip it up out of the way when time to cover the pool. Seemed pricey at first but when I got it and put it to use I quickly forgot the price. Well built and designed!!!

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