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CleatlessDock System - Single Unit

CleatlessDock System - Single Unit
CleatlessDock System - Single Unit
CleatlessDock System - Single Unit
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CleatlessDock is a new innovative product for docking your boat. Say goodbye to those traditional cleats that stub your toes or act as permanent tripping hazards. No more messy tangles of dock line.  The CleatlessDock recesses fully flush to the deck and sits below your decking.  It features a pulley system and dock line which all sit below the decking keeping your dock free of hazards on top. Built from solid stainless steel components the CleatlessDock system will last longer than your dock.

  • No More Messy Dock Lines, No More Tripping Hazards!
  • High-end build quality; looks great on your dock (very classy).
  • Made from stainless steel components.
  • Tension pulley system helps spool dock line when not in use.
  • Internal lock mechanism allows you to lock and unlock the dock line.
  • Comes with (15) fifteen feet of premium dock line made from nylon.
  • Helps reduce tripping hazards and injury.
  • Is ideal for ADA Compliant dock systems.

    Installation Requirements to use the CleatlessDock System:

  • Deck Boards must be 2"x6" or 1"x6" decking with decks boards that run 90 degree angles to the dock edge.
  • You must have a minimum of 8 3/4" of clearance below where the unit will be installed.
  • Ideal clearance is 12".
  • Unit should NOT be submerged in water - you don't want debris working it's way into the spool or reducing life span from constant exposure.

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    CleatlessDock System In Use

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