Why Modern Dock Boxes Are Both Eco-Friendly And Durable

TitanStor Dock Boxes

Storage options by the dockside or marina can be highly limited due to extreme weather conditions and outdoor exposure. Tools, fishing equipment, diving gear, or other toys need secure and weather proof storage to prevent damage from UV rays, corrosive sea salt, theft or damage. The ideal storage solution are sturdy TitanSTOR dock boxes from DockGear.com, with rugged construction and tough finishes.

Why choose TitanSTOR dock storage boxes?

Dockgear.com provides top-of-the -line dock storage boxes from TitanSTOR. Unlike other boxes made from fiberglass, TitanSTOR utilizes durable and long lasting high density rotational-molded polyethylene. This is a much tougher and marine grade material, which is specifically suited to the harsh conditions on the dock. Furthermore, the affordable price allows you to enjoy the benefits of a higher grade storage box at a lower or comparable price than a less durable fiberglass option.

Benefits of TitanSTOR dock boxes.

Our dock storage boxes are not only made from quality materials, but also benefit from ergonomic design, great finishes and precise fit. Furthermore, they come in three ideal sizes to suit every requirement. All the boxes measure 24” wide and 27” high, but vary in length from 86” for the large, 71” for medium and 48” for small. They are also available in white and tan for a more appealing look.

Other benefits of dock storage boxes include:

Solid construction

The polyethylene boxes are the toughest and most indestructible boxes on the market today. They are able to withstand daily wear and tear, while keeping harsh weather conditions at bay. The solid double walled lids measuring 3/16 to ¼ inch thick further ensure that they can withstand heavy weights placed on top of the boxes, or even children jumping on them.

Eco-friendly and UV resistant

Exposure to UV rays from the sun can damage and weaken most dock storage boxes. TitanSTOR dock boxes are highly resistant to UV rays, keeping your equipment and gear in great condition. These boxes are also eco-friendly, unlike those made from other materials.

Theft and weather proof

Every dock box comes with rust resistant stainless steel hinges, which are molded in to prevent theft and tampering while you are away. The hinges are also tough enough to resist high winds that can blow off the lid, and are further secured by two locks on either side. For ease of use, each dock box is fitted with internal spring hinges for open suspension.

Finally, TitanSTOR dock storage boxes come with two air vents to keep your gear well ventilated and mold-free. They can also be mounted off the dock on metal brackets to save you space and make storage easier. The 10 year limited manufacturers guarantee will definitely give you peace of mind and assurance of quality.

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