Wet Steps Aluminum Dock Ladders

Wet Steps Ladder

DockGear.com is proud to announce the addition of the innovative and extremely well built American made Wet Steps Aluminum Dock Ladders.  Designed with a 55 degree angle, these ladders are like a standard staircase in ones home.  This makes climbing in and out of the water so much easier than a typical vertical ladder.  Another unique feature about this ladder is the double handrails on both sides which gives the user added stability when moving up and down the ladder.

There are two different versions of the Wet Steps dock ladders.  The standard version is an all-welded ladder using a u-channel framework with extremely wide 24 1/2″ wide and 6″ deep steps.  This model ships freight, which can be expensive, but so worth the cost if you want the best ladder available (contact us for details).  The MAIN version sold is the BOLT-ON model.  This is a knockdown bolt- assembly version which allows it to be broken down and shipped regular ground – which is far cheaper than shipping freight (5 and 6 step only – 7 step ships LTL Freight).  This version has the same weight capacity but is more narrow by a couple inches (not as wide).  It’s just as tough as the all-welded and just as impressive.

Another cool thing about the Wet Steps ladder is the option to have yours powder coated.  For an extra fee you can have your ladder powder coated Red, Blue, Green or Yellow, instead of the standard silver aluminum finish.  This not only makes the ladder look cooler, but it adds an extra layer of protection from marine growth and corrosion and adds top the ladders longevity or life-span.

Everything about Wet Steps dock ladders makes life going in and out of the water more comfortable and enjoyable.  This ladder was designed for function, ease of use and for stunning visual appeal – it’s a pretty sleek looking ladder.  Another great feature is these ladders will rotate 180 degrees and flip out of the water for storage when not in use.  Because it’s made from lightweight aluminum, using this ladder is easy for youngsters, adults and older folks to deploy and stow.

You won’t be disappointed with your purchase of a Wet Steps aluminum dock ladder.  There’s no other ladder like it!

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