Looking for stainless steel dock ladders?

Stainless Steel Dock Ladders

DockGear.com has added the beautifully built and highly functional removable stainless steel dock ladders from Brey-Krause Manufacturing.  Built right here in the USA, these stainless ladders are constructed from .304 stainless steel.  Ideal for freshwater applications, this ladder will last a lifetime… at least longer than your dock will.  This ladder won’t scum up like many other ladders do.  It’ll stay looking nice and continue providing access for many years to come.

Brey-Krause stainless dock ladders are available with 20 1/4″ deep handles and the more shallow 7 1/2″ deep handle version – perfect for tight finger piers.  This ladder is removable and can be stored during storms or winter months.  Another nice feature is the width or depth of the steps.  Featuring a very comfortable 3″ deep tread with a non-stick surface, climbing up and down this ladder is a breeze – barefooted or with shoes!  It’s also rated for a 750 lb. weight capacity – so it’ll handle the big boys!

DockGear is proud to be one of their exclusive internet retailers.  We pride ourselves on offering quality marine products from small innovative American companies.

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