4 Considerations for Buying Dock Bumpers

For someone who doesn’t own a boat, something like a dock bumper might seem insignificant. But what boat owners know is that the type of duck bumper you choose is integral for many reasons. Dock bumpers are not just about convenience. They can do some real damage to your boat if you don’t choose wisely. […]

3 Types of Dock Ladders: Which Type of Ladder Is Right for You?

When choosing a dock ladder, it’s important to take into account all factors to determine which type suits you. In addition, depending on where your dock is and the harshness the ladder will have to withstand, choosing the right material is critical to making a wise purchase. If you choose unwisely, it can decrease the […]

Why Modern Dock Boxes Are Both Eco-Friendly And Durable

Storage options by the dockside or marina can be highly limited due to extreme weather conditions and outdoor exposure. Tools, fishing equipment, diving gear, or other toys need secure and weather proof storage to prevent damage from UV rays, corrosive sea salt, theft or damage. The ideal storage solution are sturdy TitanSTOR dock boxes from […]

Automating Your Boat Lift With GEM Remotes

Properly maintaining a boat involves significant time that most owners don’t have. Lack of time is one of the main reasons many people simply dry dock the boat versus using a boat lift system. The basic premise of the boat lift is that it is a mechanical device that can carefully lift the boat and […]

Dock Ladder Safety

Summertime is just around the corner once again, and most water-loving people are just waiting until the water is warm enough to go swimming or take the family boat out for a nice fishing trip. In many situations, individuals who are using waterways for entertainment and enjoyment will be accessing the water by making use […]

How to Select A Ladder for Your Dock

Learning how to select a ladder for your dock is essential for ensuring optimal safety and efficiency at this important access point on your dock. There are many ladder types and the best option for you depends upon your specific situation. The following are several of the top factors to consider when purchasing these products. […]

Wet Steps Aluminum Dock Ladders

DockGear.com is proud to announce the addition of the innovative and extremely well built American made Wet Steps Aluminum Dock Ladders.  Designed with a 55 degree angle, these ladders are like a standard staircase in ones home.  This makes climbing in and out of the water so much easier than a typical vertical ladder.  Another unique […]

Looking for stainless steel dock ladders?

DockGear.com has added the beautifully built and highly functional removable stainless steel dock ladders from Brey-Krause Manufacturing.  Built right here in the USA, these stainless ladders are constructed from .304 stainless steel.  Ideal for freshwater applications, this ladder will last a lifetime… at least longer than your dock will.  This ladder won’t scum up like many other […]