4 Considerations for Buying Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers

For someone who doesn’t own a boat, something like a dock bumper might seem insignificant. But what boat owners know is that the type of duck bumper you choose is integral for many reasons. Dock bumpers are not just about convenience. They can do some real damage to your boat if you don’t choose wisely. And, they can either enhance boating safety or make it more risky. Investing in a quality product like C-Marine Bumpers is the best way to go. Here are four factors to consider when buying dock bumpers.

How Is the Dock Going to Be Used?

Is the dock going to be used for fishing boats which are mostly going to lie underneath the dock? Or, is it going to be used for pontoon boats that are mostly above water level? Since the idea behind a dock bumper is to prevent boat damage, strategically placing the dock bumpers is important.

Is It Worth Investing?

We won’t deny that sometimes dock bumpers can get pricey. However, if you don’t invest in a quality product, then you risk paying more to repair damage. The C-Marine Bumpers are the highest quality bumpers in the industry that also look amazing. They are comprised of urethane memory solid foam construction unlike other cheap vinyl or plastic competitors. C-Marine bumpers are also are not just air filled, so they won’t burst or rupture. C-Marine bumpers can accommodate boats up to 30 ft, 45 ft, and 70 ft. They are the type that the Coast Guard uses because they keep boats free from damage. 

What Type of Dock Is It?

If you have something like a pleasure boat dock that is constructed with pilings which are vertical support posts that lie beneath it, you need to apply dock bumpers to the pilings to prevent boats being damaged from bumping up against them. If you have a floating dock that does not have pilings, then it would be more appropriate to use cushioned boat dock bumpers to minimize boat contact with the dock.

What Aesthetic Do You Want?

Dock bumpers come in a variety of looks. You can use something as remedial as a rubber tire as a dock bumper, but they are not going to be aesthetically pleasing. If you want to make your dock look more “upscale,” investing in a dock bumper that is eye-appealing is essential.

The type of dock bumper you choose is highly critical not only to keeping your boat damage-free, but also to protect passengers as they get into and out of your boat. You should consider the aesthetics of your dock as well as the size and demands of the boats using it. If you don’t invest enough to get quality dock bumpers, the resulting damage can cost a whole lot more. To see a vast selection of dock bumpers to suit your needs, check out DockGear.com. They have a vast number of styles and colors to choose from. 

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